APG 2019+ Ford Ranger Front Long Travel Suspension System (4WD)



APG long travel suspension system for US spec 2019+ 4WD Ford Ranger. Includes boxed steel construction upper and lower control arms, and billet aluminum tie rods with heimed rod-ends.

Our Long Travel suspension kit can be shipped with brand new OEM upper and lower control arm bushings and ball joints pre-assembled or you can remove and reinstall your own factory ones. If your truck has higher mileage or heavy off-road use, you may want to consider having these new parts pre-assembled into the control arms.

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Get THE MOST suspension travel from your 2019+ Ford Ranger!

What good is a wide-body prerunner-style truck if it doesn’t perform? If buttery, off-road smoothness and daily drivability is important to you, don’t settle for a leveling kit, or an overpriced mid-travel system! Jumps, bumps, whoop sections, even the occasional surprise curb doesn’t stand a chance to the APG long travel suspension system. It’s also the the ONLY suspension system for the 2019+ Ford Ranger that is capable of 12.75″ of wheel travel*, while retaining 4WD functionality. With a +3″ track width per side, our boxed upper and lower control arms give your truck a wide stance, designed to work perfectly with our carbon fiber wide body panels. We designed our control arms to re-use OEM Ford upper and lower ball joints and pivot bushings, retaining quiet, smooth ride characteristics, without the need for additional, expensive components. As a result, our long travel suspension system can be serviced by any Ford technician, and replacement parts can be purchased through your local Ford dealer. The lower control arms retain the factory lower shock mount, allowing for any existing aftermarket Ford Ranger shock to fit. The kit also includes a pair of billet aluminum extended tie rods, featuring FK rod ends and a black anodized finish. These tie rods are the strongest aftermarket steering components available for the Ranger, and designed to effortlessly take the added weight of 35″ tire under off-road abuse. We also offer different shock options for trucks that will see mostly mild-street and less off-road use. Upper and lower control arms are shipped with a grey powder coat, and do not include upper and lower ball joints or pivot bushings, unless by request in the options.

*When installed with King Shocks 2.5″ extended travel front coilovers with compression adjusters.

*Some front coil bucket trimming required with EXT length shocks

Recommended tire size: 35×12.50R17


Pre-Assembled Ball Joints and Bushings:

If you don’t want to bother with removing the OEM  ball joints and bushings from your stock control arms, or they’re in need of replacing, we can pre-assemble your long travel kit with brand new OEM Ford upper and lower ball joints, and upper and lower pivot bushings. This makes the kit a bolt-on system, without the need for a press or specialty tools. Having the control arms pre-assembled also speeds up the installation time dramatically, getting you back on the trails sooner!


Extended CV Axle Shaft Builders Kit (4WD only):

If you’re handy with tools, have mechanic experience, and want to save some coin, the CV builders kit is the way to go! Our extended CV axle shaft builders kit includes a pair of +3″ extended front axle half-shafts, made from 4340 chromoly steel. These axle shafts are required when installing the long travel system on a 4WD Ford Ranger, as the factory CV axles will no longer be long enough for the 3″ wider upper and lower control arms. The builders kit is a more economical option for those who want to re-use their original CV joints and outer ends. This requires disassembly of the original CV axle assemblies, and reassembly with the extended shafts. The builders kit also includes OEM-style CV boot clamps, since they cannot be re-used from the OEM CV boots.


Extended CV Axle Complete Assemblies (4WD only):

The complete assembly option is for those who do not wish to take apart their factory CV axles, or wish to replace their old and worn out CV joints and boots. These extended axles come pre-assembled by APG, utilizing OEM CV joints, boots, clamps, grease, and hardware. They are ready to be installed on the truck, and require no modification to fit our long travel system. Doesn’t get any easier than this!


King 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers (front only):

Want the best performing shock to go with your long travel kit? Look no further than the King 2.5 extended travel coilovers. These off-road racing inspired shocks combine the best off-road performance and daily-driver characteristics into a single shock. These coilovers are height-adjustable from 0.5″ – 3.5″ of lift. The 2.5″ diameter shock body allows for plenty of shock oil flow, with a remote reservoir to minimize shock fade under heavy use. Switching from pavement to dirt couldn’t be easier, as these shocks also come with compression adjusters which allow you to change the damping level of the shock with the twist of a knob, from soft to firm.


King 2.5 ProRunner Shock Package (front and rear):

Complete your suspension package by adding a set of King 2.5 rear shocks to your front King coilovers. These OEM performance series shocks provide you with the best damping power available for the 2019+ Ford Ranger rear suspension, and feature piggyback reservoirs with compression adjusters, allowing you to control how firm or soft your ride is. Carrying some extra weight in the bed? Stiffen the shocks up with a twist of a knob. Driving around unloaded? Set them to the perfect soft setting for getting around town. Rear shocks simply don’t get any easier than this. This package comes with two front 2.5 extended travel coilovers with compression adjusters and two rear performance series 2.5 shocks with compression adjusters.


Falcon 2.25″ Sport Leveling Shocks (front and rear):

Looking for a milder, more economical full shock package? We’ve got you covered. The Falcon 2.25″ sport leveling kit is an easy way to get smooth ride for daily driving and mild trail riding. The Falcon 2.25 front shocks reuse your OEM coil springs, and are height-adjustable from 0″-2.25″ of lift. This kit includes a pair of rear shocks with piggyback reservoirs, completing the suspension on your truck.


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Weight 77 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 8 in


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