APG MidRunner Suspension Package



The ultimate mid-travel front and rear suspension system for the 2019+ Ford Ranger.

Some 2020 Ford Rangers were produced with cast steel spindles in the front suspension. These spindles have different tie rod and upper ball joint taper characteristics, so it’s important to identify whether yours are aluminum or steel when placing your order. Please contact us if you’re unsure how to identify this part.

Both our Standard and HD lead spring kits will greatly improve the ride of your Ranger. The Standard kit is a great solution for those who don’t normally carry much weight in the bed of their truck. Plan on carrying 400-500 lbs or more in your bed? Choose the HD leaf spring option for more weight-carrying capacity while retaining a smooth ride.

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Want to push the boundaries of what your 2019+ Ford Ranger can do? Not sure where to start? Keep reading…We took the guesswork out of building a suspension system that not only performs to the highest standards in the dirt, but will make you fall in love with your daily commute all over again. Spacers, leveling kits, and blocks will get you the look, but what’s the point if it drives like a covered wagon? If you want your truck to work as great as it looks, in any environment, the APG MidRunner kit is for you. We worked with two of the best off-road suspension companies in the world, King Shocks and Deaver Suspension, to develop a front and rear suspension solution in conjunction with our own parts that will deliver unparalleled off-road and on-road performance. The front suspension is comprised of a pair of King 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers with Remote reservoirs and Compression Adjusters, our own Billet Aluminum Upper Control Arms with FK rod end adjustable heim joints, and our bulletproof HD Billet Aluminum Tie Rods with FK rod ends. The rear suspension pairs our popular Standard or optional HD Progressive rate Leaf Spring kit with a pair of King 2.5 Rear Shocks with Piggyback Reservoirs and Compression Adjusters.

Whether you’re taking on the desert, mountains, snow, or just cruising down the interstate, the MidRunner Suspension system is the most versatile performance enhancement you can make to your truck, with more adjustability than any other system on the market. Don’t settle for less, buy the best!

Included in this kit:

(2) King 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers with Remote Reservoirs and Compression Adjusters

(2) King 2.5 Rear Shocks with Piggyback Reservoirs and Compression Adjusters

(2) APG Billet Upper Control Arms with Heim Joints

(2) APG Billet HD Tie Rod Ends with Heim Joints

(1) APG Standard or HD Progressive Leaf Spring Kit (includes OEM Ford Raptor bump stops)



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