HD Tie Rods with FK Rod Ends (Heim Steering)



Billet aluminum complete replacement tie rods, with adjustable heimed rod-ends. Not compatible with long travel suspension.

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Whenever upgrading to larger tires, aftermarket wheels, and off-road suspension, it’s recommended to address weaknesses in the factory steering system. One of these weaknesses is the factory tie rods, that connect the steering rack to the knuckle. The OEM tie rods are small diameter, cast construction with a ball joint on the end. Our APG Heavy Duty Tie Rods feature billet aluminum construction and are much larger in diameter for added strength. The ball joint is also replaced with an FK rod end, for full range of motion with the factory spindle throughout the travel path of the wheel. These tie rods are an ideal upgrade for any 2019+ Ford Ranger with larger than OEM tires, aftermarket wheels, and upgraded suspension. They are engineered to withstand the abuses of hard off-roading, but retain a factory feel on the street. As an added bonus, these tie rods are fully adjustable on the truck, meaning you don’t need to remove them to adjust the vehicle’s toe. This reduces wear in the factory tapered hole in the steering knuckle, and makes alignments easier.

Kit includes a pair of black anodized HD Tie Rods and rod end hardware.

*Note: Designed for use with factory width upper and lower control arms. Not compatible with long travel applications.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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