Long Travel +3″ Front Axle Shafts



‘+3″ extended 4130 chromoly CV axle shafts designed to retain 4WD functionality when installing APG long travel front suspension on US Spec 2019+ Ford Ranger. Engineered to accept OEM CV axle joints. Shafts come painted and include itentical OEM OETIKER boot clamps

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If you’re handy with tools, have mechanic experience, and want to save some coin, the CV builders kit is the way to go! Our extended CV axle shaft builders kit includes a pair of +3″ extended front axle half-shafts, made from 4340 chromoly steel. These axle shafts are required when installing the long travel system on a 4WD Ford Ranger, as the factory CV axles will no longer be long enough for the 3″ wider upper and lower control arms. The builders kit is a more economical option for those who want to re-use their original CV joints and outer ends. This requires disassembly of the original CV axle assemblies, and reassembly with the extended shafts. The builders kit also includes OEM-style CV boot clamps, since they cannot be re-used from the OEM CV boots.


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