APG HD Progressive Leaf Spring Kit



\Replacement leaf packs with heavy duty progressive rate for 2019+ Ford Ranger rear suspension. Includes U-bolt plates, U-bolts, and front hanger bushings. Suitable for trucks that routinely off-road with 500 lbs or more in the bed.

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The 2019+ Ford Ranger factory leaf springs leave much room for improvement. The OEM design uses a single linear rate leaf spring with an overload spring below it, making for a generally uncomfortable ride whether you’re on the street or off-road. It also does not handle additional payload weight very well, causing the rear of the truck sag when loaded down. Our Progressive leaf spring kit aims to eliminate any issues with the OEM rear suspension of the Ranger, by replacing the entire leaf spring with a progressive leaf pack developed in conjunction with Deaver Suspension. As one of the leading off-road racing suspension companies in existence, Deaver has been engineering and offering performance leaf spring systems for all kinds of vehicles for decades. Together, we developed this progressive leaf pack to improve the ride  of your Ranger, and increase the payload it can carry while still holding ride height. This kit includes everything needed to replace your factory leaf springs. The factory rear shackle and bushing is re-used.

The heavy duty (HD) progressive leaf spring kit features 10 heavy duty leaf springs, in a progressive design that makes for a smooth, predictable ride around town, but offers superb off-road performance when it really counts – in the dirt. Whether you’ve got a full overland setup in the bed, or you tow a heavy trailer with high tongue weight, the HD leaf pack is the best option available. The HD leaf spring kit was designed for individuals who routinely carry 500-600 lbs of extra weight in the bed.

This leaf pack is NOT designed to lift the truck. It is designed for trucks holding an EXTRA 500-600 lbs of weight in the bed routinely. Installing this leaf pack on a truck that does not have extra weight in the bed may result in undesired stiffer rear suspension and rear ride height increase.

Included in this kit:

HD progressive leaf pack (2)

Front hanger bushings kit (2)

U-bolt plates (2)

U-bolts and hardware (4)

Raptor bump stop (2)


*Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s safe towing and hauling guidelines, and never exceed the towing or hauling capacity of your vehicle as described in the manual.