We Do It Once,

We Do It Right

We are committed to creating industry-leading aftermarket automotive parts and components.

APG uses the highest grade of components and employ the most experienced engineers on staff. Thoughtful, calculated vehicle enhancement is at the core of our philosophy. All our aftermarket customizations and components are proudly made onsite.

Complete Vehicle Customization

You’re unique. Your ride should be too. Let us show you what we can do to make your truck or SUV stand out from the herd.

Installation of Aftermarket Parts

Friends don’t let friends drive stock vehicles. So let us help you remove all that useless factory stuff and replace it with better stuff to get you anywhere you want to go.

Suspension Installation

What good is a fully-built rig that rides like a covered wagon? Suspension modification is one of our specialties, and we’re pretty awesome at it. Whether you’re driving to work, or to the South Pole, we’ll make sure it’s a smooth journey.

Vehicle Maintenance

You wouldn’t trust your regular doctor with heart surgery, would you? Don’t trust a regular mechanic with your maintenance. Our technicians have combined decades of experience building, repairing, and maintaining off-road vehicles, because we all own them too!

Custom Fabrication

Let’s face it, some things you just can’t buy. Whether it’s a small bracket to mount your radio, or a tab you broke on trail, we’ve got your custom fabrication needs covered.

Build Consultation

We don’t have the answers to all of life’s questions. But we do have all the answers to your off-road questions. Whether you need help designing your dream build, wondering about parts compatibility, or simply want to learn, our sales staff is here to help.

Body and Paint

Not everyone enjoys "earnin' their stripes" while off-roading. If your rig has sustained body and paint damage over years of trail use, or maybe it's just that one coworker who ALWAYS parks too close, our experienced refinishing team will make it look new again. Our industrial-sized, downdraft paint booth is large enough to fit a full-sized truck in, and we specialize in installing aftermarket fiberglass and carbon fiber wide-body systems.

Off-Road with the APG Ford Ranger PRORUNNER