Bronco ProRunner Carbon Fiber Wide Body System (4-door)



Complete Bronco ProRunner carbon fiber wide body system. Includes +5″  front and rear fenders, support liners, and fuel door.

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These carbon fiber high clearance front wheel well liners protect your engine bay from the elements. Designed to clear 40″ tires at full-bump when paired with our Bronco ProRunner front long travel suspension system. *Passenger side liner requires light trimming of excess body material*

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The Ultimate wide body system for the 2021+ Ford Bronco.

Introducing the most advanced wide body system available for the 2021+ Ford Bronco. We engineered these body panels with both aesthetics, durability, and performance in mind. This package includes all components needed to achieve the patented look of our Bronco ProRunner, giving you plenty of clearance for larger tires, an aggressive but natural wider appearance, and made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber to ensure years of use both on and off the trail. Each system is engineered, manufactured, and quality checked in-house by our team of composites experts to ensure every part we deliver is of the highest quality.

Why high temp carbon fiber? While wet laid polyester fiberglass body panels are far less costly and widely available, they lack the temperature durability and strength of our carbon fiber. Fiberglass off-road fenders were originally developed for motorsports as a cheap solution to skin race vehicles, with the expectation of a single-use during a race. But when installed on a daily driven vehicle over years of inclement weather, intense heat, and 0ff-road abuse, fiberglass will deteriorate quickly, leading to waviness, paint issues, cracks, and chips. Unlike fiberglass, our carbon fiber panels are designed to last, and keep your paint in tact over years.

We take pride in our manufacturing, paying close attention to each part as it’s removed from the mold. This means far less bodywork, adjustment, and prep is needed when it comes time to painting and installing your body system. We’ve also pre-drilled the mounting holes in our parts to make installation much faster than traditional fiberglass body panels.

Our ProRunner Wide Body System includes the following:

  • +5″ Front Fenders (pair)
  • +5″ Rear Fenders (pair)
  • Front Fender Chin (pair)
  • Rear Door Trim (pair)
  • Rear U-brace and Support liner (pair)
  • Rear Corner Chin (pair)
  • Fuel Door Skin (3D printed)


*Shipping costs will be calculated after your order is placed. A member of our team will reach out to you directly to discuss our different shipping options and provide you with a quote.

*Professional installation and specific refinishing processes must be followed to achieve high quality lasting results.

*APG’s exterior raw Carbon Fiber must be refinished/wrapped to protect from SUN/UV Exposure. Carbon Care Instructions can be found HERE: