Bronco Rear Long Travel Suspension



Rear long travel suspension system for 2021+ Ford Bronco. Shocks not included. Requires welding. Will not fit Bronco Raptor.

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True Long Arm Suspension

If you’re looking for more articulation in the rocks or better handling in the desert, look no further. Our rear long travel suspension system gives you unparalleled articulation, and enough travel to soak up the big bumps, all without swapping to a one-ton axle. We re-engineered our ProRunner rear long arm system to accommodate the stock Dana 44 rear housing, giving you a more affordable rear suspension option that will still outperform any other rear suspension readily available on the market. This system is designed to work with our APG Spec King Rear Coilover, but can be paired with any 2.5 x 14 Coilover of your choice, with options for a 2.5 x 12 bypass shock. Please contact us directly to verify bypass tube orientation before ordering other shocks.

This suspension system is capable of up to 16.5″ of suspension travel. We recommend our Carbon Fiber wide body rear panels for optimal clearance.

Included in this 4-link system are upper and lower control arms complete with Johnny Joints, for maximum articulation and misalignment while keeping a firm and quiet ride. We provide new lower link frame pivots, which move the link mount further forward along the chassis to give you more articulation. These brackets are weld-on, and are built to withstand the abuses of off-road driving unlike the stock pivots.

We also include an HD Rear Track Bar also with Johnny Joints to accommodate the added lift height and articulation.

Optional for this kit is our Dana 44 Rear Axle Brace. This weld-on brace gussets your stock rear axle and reduces the chances of twisting your axle tubes, which has become another common failure point on some Broncos with larger tires while crawling.

This system includes the following:

  • Upper control arms with Johnny Joints
  • Lower control arms with Johnny Joints
  • Track Bar with Johnny Joints
  • Weld-On Shock Towers (pair)
  • Weld-on Lower Link Frame Pivots (With UMHW Skids)
  • Weld-on Shock and Control Arm Brackets (With UMHW Skids)
  • Weld-on Track Bar Relocation Kit
  • All necessary hardware included.


*This system does not widen the rear axle, therefore a 3″ wheel spacer with a “0” offset wheel is required to clear shock body/spring. A 3.5″ wheel spacer would be required to match the front 3.5″ LT system. Contact APG for full width Dana60 axle assemblies as an alternative.

*This suspension system requires welding and fabrication, and professional installation is required.

*This is NOT a bolt-on kit.

*OEM replacement shocks will not work, Contact APG for recommended shock and bypass specifications*

*Shipping costs will be calculated after your order is placed. A member of our team will reach out to you directly to discuss our different shipping options and provide you with a quote.

*TOWING: Excess body roll with softer spring may hinder Towing Control* Contact APG for suggestions on maintaining or increasing payload/towing capacities and application specific spring rates.

*Compatible with any Bronco model (2 Door/4 Door (*NOT designed for Bronco Raptor*) 

*2Door Bronco LT systems require special springs to reduce ride height, factory anti-dive is dangerous for short wheelbase vehicles with high VCOG.

*This suspension system is designed and cycled with the optional shock system. Customer will be required to verify all geometry, spring rates, and valving if they use another shock system. Contact APG for recommended shocks specifications*

*Contact APG for installation assistance