Bronco Battle Royale: Who Rules the Rocks?

Gear up, Bronco enthusiasts! This blog dives headfirst into the world of suspension articulation, comparing the muscle of three Bronco contenders: Sasquatch, Raptor, and the aftermarket-tuned ProRunner. John, from APG, puts these Broncos through a "forklift test." This test involves disconnecting the front sway bar and lifting the driver's front tire until the rear tire loses contact with the ground. Then, the distance between the ground and the lifted tire is measured.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Breaking Down the Stats

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  • Bronco Sasquatch: This model holds its own with a solid 18.5 - 19 inches of articulation.
  • Bronco Raptor: The factory-modified Raptor shows a clear advantage over the Sasquatch, reaching nearly 25 inches of articulation.
  • Bronco Pro Runner: The undisputed champion when it comes to articulation is the ProRunner. This aftermarket-modified beast boasts a phenomenal 31 inches (center of the tire) and a jaw-dropping 34 inches (corner of the tire) of articulation

Key Points to Consider

  • Tire Size Plays a Role, But It's Not Everything: While the ProRunner sports the biggest tire (a true 40-inch giant!), the Raptor's suspension design also significantly contributes to its improved articulation compared to the Sasquatch, which has a smaller tire.
  • Pro Runner: King of the Climb? With an extra foot of articulation compared to the Raptor, the ProRunner reigns supreme for navigating uneven terrain. This extra travel allows the ProRunner to maintain better tire contact with the ground for superior grip and control.

The Verdict

The ideal Bronco for you depends on your off-road ambitions. The Sasquatch offers a good balance, the Raptor boasts impressive factory-upgraded performance, and the ProRunner dominates for those seeking the ultimate off-road capability.

Want to Learn More?

Stay tuned for future blog posts if you're curious to explore suspension articulation further and how it impacts off-road performance! Check out the video to see the "forklift test" in action and learn more about these featured Broncos.


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