Bronco Brutes: Discovering the MidRunner and ProRunner for Off-Road Domination

Off-road enthusiasts, attention! Buckle up for a thrilling ride through the world of custom-built Broncos. Today, we'll be dissecting the two titans of the trail: the APG MidRunner and ProRunner. Forget showroom stock; these beasts are crafted to conquer any terrain you throw their way.

George, our resident off-road guru, breaks down the key differences between these powerhouses, highlighting the importance of proper customization for peak performance. He emphasizes that the right upgrades can significantly enhance your truck's capabilities and durability, especially when traversing treacherous landscapes… Visit our 37's vs. 40's video to learn more: Ford Bronco 37's vs 40's | APG MidRunner VS ProRunner

The MidRunner: Tamed Power on a Budget

George introduces the MidRunner, a more affordable counterpart to the ProRunner. While they share many components, the MidRunner forgoes the extended control arms and some of the ProRunner's extensive aftermarket accessories. This translates to a more manageable price tag, making it a fantastic option for budget-conscious adventurers.

Imagine a lifted Bronco sporting 37-inch tires and a sleek, customized body. That's the essence of the MidRunner. It boasts wider quarter panels, one-inch flares, and transitional trims, offering a head-turning appearance without breaking the bank.

ProRunner: The Untamed Off-Road King

For those seeking the ultimate off-road conqueror, the ProRunner reigns supreme. This beast boasts a staggering 76-inch-wide wheel mount surface, significantly wider than the MidRunner. This impressive width is achieved through a complete suspension overhaul featuring extended upper and lower control arms, heavy-duty tie rods, and CV axles.

The ProRunner sits proudly on true 40-inch tires, protruding a good two and a half to three inches past the quarter panels. This aggressive stance is a testament to its unmatched off-road prowess

Customization: Where the Magic Happens

The MidRunner and ProRunner excel in customization, allowing you to tailor them to your needs. George emphasizes the importance of customization, highlighting the key differences between the two setups.

The MidRunner utilizes upgraded performance shocks for enhanced off-road capability while retaining the factory wheelbase and most suspension components. In contrast, the ProRunner's extensive modifications create a wider stance and significantly increased wheel travel, translating to superior off-road performance.

Digging Deeper: Under the Hood (or Rather, Under the Body)

While the MidRunner utilizes the factory front and rear axles and drivetrain components perfectly suitable for 37-inch tires, the ProRunner demands a more robust setup. Its hefty 40-inch tires necessitate upgraded components, including a heavy-duty Dana 44 Advantek front axle and a complete rear axle replacement with the ultimate Dana 60. Additionally, the ProRunner features a heavy-duty 1350 driveshaft to handle the increased power and weight.

The suspension differences are stark as well. The MidRunner features upgraded shock absorbers for improved performance, while the ProRunner boasts massive 3.0-inch King coilover shocks with a significantly larger diameter than the MidRunner's 2.5-inch option. These race-grade shocks provide unparalleled support and handling on the most challenging terrain.

Accessorize for Adventure

The showcased MidRunner might seem like a visual powerhouse, but it's important to remember that customization plays a major role. George reminds us that both platforms offer a vast array of accessories to personalize your off-road experience.

In this example, the ProRunner boasts an optional secondary 3-inch King bypass shock, offering an extra layer of control and performance for the most hardcore off-road enthusiasts. Additionally, the ProRunner's massive tires necessitate the inclusion of our APG Expedition One collaborative rear bumper system with a swing-out tire carrier to support the weight.

The Final Choice: Choosing Your Off-Road Beast

Our diverse customization options empower you to create an off-road machine perfectly suited to your budget, driving style, and terrain preferences. There's no single "best" choice – the ideal Bronco depends on your needs and aspirations.

So, are you ready to unleash your inner off-road warrior? Head over to our website and explore the limitless possibilities the MidRunner and ProRunner offer. With the perfect Bronco by your side, any adventure is within reach!


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