Bronco ProRunner: A Two-Door Beast Built for Adventure by APG

There's a constant quest to push boundaries and conquer new challenges in the world of off-road enthusiasts. Vehicle limitations can feel stifling, hindering the full potential of a true off-road adventure. At APG, we understand this yearning for limitless exploration. That's why we've crafted the Bronco ProRunner, a two-door masterpiece that redefines what a Bronco can achieve.

This isn't just a visual upgrade; it's a complete transformation engineered to tackle the most demanding terrain. As you join us on a virtual tour of the Bronco ProRunner, we'll explore the expert modifications that make it a true off-road champion.

Breaking Free from Stock Limitations: Unleashing Peak Performance

Factory-installed components often prioritize aesthetics and fuel efficiency over pure off-road capability. At APG, we believe your vehicle should be an extension of your adventurous spirit. Our team removes unnecessary factory parts and replaces them with premium aftermarket componentry designed for peak performance.

Lifting the Bronco ProRunner by 3.5 inches allows for larger tires, a crucial element for conquering obstacles. We've reworked the suspension componentry, including spring rates, shock valving, and control arm adjustments. This ensures optimal handling and stability, even with a shorter wheelbase compared to the four-door Bronco.

Suspension Savvy: Confidence on Any Terrain

Navigating a rocky trail with jarring bounces that threaten loss of control is dangerous. At APG, suspension modification is an art form. We tailor each system to your needs, considering factors like desired lift height, wheel travel, and the terrain you plan to conquer.

The Bronco ProRunner boasts a long-travel suspension system, allowing for a staggering 16 inches of usable travel with 40-inch tires. This translates to a smooth, controlled ride, even on the most uneven and challenging surfaces. We've also installed fully machined, adjustable sway bar arms, a crucial component for precise handling when utilizing a bypass shock system.

Strength Meets Style: Forging a Durable and Eye-Catching Machine

Off-roading isn't just about navigating technical terrain; it's about embracing the adventure in style. The Bronco ProRunner perfectly balances rugged durability and head-turning aesthetics.

We've outfitted the vehicle with heavy-duty front axle differentials and RCV race-grade CV axles. These components are the strongest available for the sixth-generation Bronco, ensuring they can handle the immense stress of larger tires and challenging landscapes.

We've chosen 40-inch tall Middle Trail Grappler tires mounted on 17-inch KMC beadlock wheels for the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal. Beadlock technology allows for lower air pressure when needed, enhancing traction on loose surfaces. The ability to customize the wheel's color to match the car further exemplifies APG's commitment to detail.

Precision Engineering: Body and Functionality in Harmony

The Bronco ProRunner's body system is a testament to APG's commitment to precision engineering. Unlike some aftermarket body modifications that compromise functionality, ours seamlessly integrate, maintaining optimal performance.

We utilize a high-strength, 3D-printed SLS material for the fuel door, ensuring it perfectly matches the factory fit and finish. The Bronco Pro Runner also features our signature wider fenders, available in three-, five-, or one-inch options. This enhances the aggressive aesthetic and provides essential tire coverage when traversing narrow trails.

Innovation at the Rear: Unmatched Capability and Functionality

The rear of the Bronco ProRunner boasts modifications as impressive as the front. We understand that heavy tires put a strain on the rear drivetrain. That's why we've equipped the vehicle with a heavy-duty Dana 60 rear axle, significantly wider and sturdier than the factory option. This ensures the axle can handle larger tires' increased weight and stress.

Another innovative feature is the relocated rear shock tower. This allows for a 14-inch long coilover in the back, maximizing wheel travel and providing a smoother ride. We've also extended the lower links to optimize the axle's cycling pattern, enhancing control on any terrain.

The Bronco Pro Runner features a swing-out rear bumper system with an integrated Warn winch for ultimate off-road versatility. This allows you to conquer challenging situations where a front winch might be impractical. The winch is cleverly tucked away within the rear bumper system, maintaining a clean aesthetic and protecting it from potential damage.

Crafted with Passion: Your Off-Road Dream Realized

The Bronco ProRunner isn't just another vehicle; unveil the pinnacle of Two-Door Off-Road Performance at APG. Watch the video here.

Two Door Beast Build


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